Bone Up

I went to my friend Sam’s the other day and he proceeded to clog my arteries with this delicious appetizer.  Which actually turned into the meal… because I ate more than one and then felt like a brick.


Season bones with salt and pepper.  Lay down in a hotel pan and roast at 350 degrees until marrow is soft to the touch and hot all the way through (you can test with a cake tester).  Meanwhile, slice two heads of garlic super thin and just barely cover with olive oil in a small pot.  Add thyme and a pinch of chili flake and place on the stove over the lowest flame possible.  Let it hang out, but don’t let the oil become too hot.  Just enough to warm the the oil through and infuse it with the garlicky goodness.  Grill off some crusty bread, spoon on some of the melty garlic and herbs, slather on marrow and then top with some freshly sliced shallots (a much needed zing and crunch to the luscious and rich concoction).  Refrain from ‘oohing’ too loudly.  Enjoy!



2 responses to “Bone Up

  1. How many points is that?

  2. hue~that looks gorgeous!!!

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