Tacos Delicioso!

IMG_4876I’m a California girl.  Trust me when I say that I know tacos.  I grew up living off tacos (and I admit to begging my mom for money to ride with my sisters to the local Taco Bell…but that’s besides the point!).  My dad would take us on weekend excursions searching out the most ‘authentico’ taqueria joints.  I remember one afternoon in particular when we drove over an hour north (that’s a long time to sit in the car when you’re a wee kid) to wait in line at a little whole in the wall.  But it was worth it.  My dad brought over plate after plate of tacos con carnitas, pollo, cecina–you name it, we ate it.  Doused in salsa roja and accompanied with pickled jalepenos, I looked forward to spicy afternoons filled with tacos.  Ever since those early days of south of the border food hunts, they have held a special place in my heart.  And I know that most people feel the same way.  A griddled tortilla, piled high with seasoned meats, various salsas y sauces, and crunchy lettuce and cilantro is apt to make any human smile.

But in New York, a good taco is hard to come by.  I’ve had many a decent taco, but not too many outstanding tacos.  I’m ready to say that the tacos I ate today were pretty lofty tacos.  I”m not going to say they were the best I’ve ever had…but they were damn tasty.IMG_4877

My friend Sam swung by my house today and we biked over to Wycoff and Star, near the Jefferson stop off the L train.  We went to the Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermano and waited in line for about 10 minutes.  But every minute was enjoyable…watching the two cooks behind the counter building tacos, quesedillas and tostadas was like watching two skaters dance on ice.  They moved quickly and assembled the items in perfect harmony.  Ice skaters I tell you.  Every item was incredibly fresh.  Perfectly ripe avocados (for an extra 25 cents? yes please!), homemade salsas (obviously) and each tortilla was pressed to order.  I ordered a pollo and cecina taco (salted beef) and think I made ‘oo’ and ‘ah’ sounds after every bite.  On a gorgeous fall day, after a mini bike ride and good company, what can beat a $2.00 taco accompanied with pickled jalapenos for a perky piquant mouth experience?  Nada.


Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos

271 Starr St
Brooklyn, NY 11237-2609
(718) 456-3422



3 responses to “Tacos Delicioso!

  1. Claire-Bear — You’re making my mouth water. As you may recall I too was a Mexican food afficianado. And I remember going to that hole in the wall place. It sticks in my memory because your Dad ordered Menudo, andI got a splinter in my finger sitting at a rickety wood table. I’m coming to New York next week to celebrate Danny’s 21st birthday. Any chance you might join us for dinner on the 15th? My treat, Including martinis. Lemme know. Love, TT

    PS I can totally see your going haywire at the thought of eating at Taco Smell. But I still drop in occasionally for a taste or three.

  2. The jalapenos in the last photo look AMAZING! Can’t – stop – drooling….

  3. I can beat w/ my tacos!!!!!! i know you would agree!:)

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