Eating Turtle’s hand???

I went to a short summer vacation with my sister to the southern part of Korea last week. We were planned to go to a beautiful island which is called ‘so mae mul do’, but since typoon was coming, the plan was canceled and we went to a different famous cliff named as a ‘nak hwa am’. At there i saw an old lady who was selling something looked weird. She was saying ‘Get some turtle’s hand~!’. For the first time, i didn’t hear well, and i just feel sympathy and i approached to her. and i heard that she was saying ‘eat some turtle’s hand’. ‘ooooops…’

홍도 416


I stepped back. (When i was with Claire, she was always the brave and bold one, and i was not.:( ). She was saying once again, now looking and whishing me to get it. ‘Try turtle’s hand’

I know i’m a cook, so i shouldn’t say this kind of comment, but it just poped out of my lips even before i realized it. ‘Grandma~i’m scarred!!!’ and the next lady started laughing and telling me that’s not a real turtle’s hand. Then the old lady realized that i misunderstand and explained. It is called as turtle’s hand because it just looks so. They are conch family.but Don’t they just look like a turtle’s hand???? I could taste it after i heard the explanation…hue…heehee.They tasted just like a crab meat. sweet and salty. I think she just blanched them and you can use toothpick to pick the meat from the shell.

Eating turtle’s hand as a snack and walking around the cliff was just beautiful.:)

홍도 414


One response to “Eating Turtle’s hand???

  1. wait …turtles can be eat meh?

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