Back to Korea,fermented crab yeah!

I’ve came back to Korea about 2 months ago. So far i’ve been eating and eating…

Korea is literally full of food. The whole nation is all about food. We don’t eat as variety as Chinese such as eating frog for everyday meal, but i can say we eat pretty various kinds of food. Among them, fermented crab was one of the foods that i would die for when i was in America. Korean crab is softer and sweeter than blue crab in America. With that reason, most of the fermented crab(kan-jang-kae-jang)  that I’ve had in America wasn’t right taste. It can be just too salty or too fishy and stinky if you don’t make them well. Anyway, I’ve been longing for this food and finally I had it!!!!!!!!

2009040506 207

 This is the fermented crab.There are two different kinds of it, one is marinated with chili sauce and the other is fermented with soy sauce. I like both of them but, this place is very famous for soysauce crab so i ordered it. It was taste of heaven!!!

The saltyness of marinated sauce and the sweetness of crab meat was…OMG.SPEECHLESS.


2009040506 211

Once you eat all of the meat, there will be internal organs, i know it sounds ‘yeeehh~~~’ but, trust me, mix your steaming hot rice into it, and you will never ever forget the flavor.




2009040506 213







2009040506 208

It was all the other side dishes which comes all together when you  order one dish.Except braised short rib in the middle.

On this day, with my friends, we ate them all and my stomach was tear apart once again!!so many times…


4 responses to “Back to Korea,fermented crab yeah!

  1. This looks so good. Glad your well at home.

  2. John A.L. Osborn

    Hi, I got fond of kae jang when my wife and I were teaching school for 2 years at Seoul Interntional school, and I sometimes buy some,( the small crab sort is what they usually have. In a red sauce.), at the HanKook Mkt. on Monument Blvd. in Concord California.
    I’ve been making Napa cabbage Kimche for the family for many years now, often letting it ferment for months, sometimes with raw meat fermenting , or preserved, in it. If you know where i can get a good recipe for Kae-jang, I’d appreciate your writing me. Thanks. ( Nice photos! ) John Osborn

    • Hi, John

      Thanks for reading and writing to us.:)
      I wonder you can read Korean, if you do, go to website.
      This is the easiest and pretty good recipe site. It’s nothing very traditional but i guess this is the closest recipes that you can imagine.

      In case you don’t read Korean i’m writing the recipe which was on the website.

      crab (male)1kg(soft shell is the closet ingredients that you can get in U.S) but if you have Korean market near around you, try to find ‘kkot gae’ ask people in there and mostly it will be frozen in those markets)

      onion slices 2handful
      carrot julienne 1handful
      spring onion slices 1handful
      sesame seed 1 handful
      green chili 3ea
      red chili 3ea

      soysauce 1c(the small paper cup for coffee in Korea…do you remember??:D )
      coarse Korean chili powder 1/2c(same cup)
      fine Korean chili powder 5(Korean spoon)
      sugar 8spoons
      corn syrup 8spoons
      chopped garlic 5spoons
      onion juice 5spoons
      Korean pear juice 5spoons
      ground pepper 1/2spoon
      ginger powder 1/2spoon
      sesame oil 8spoons

      Cut the crab into bite size.
      Mix all the sauce ingredients together.
      Toss the crab with the sauce.
      Mix w/ the veg.
      Leave one day in a refrigerator.

      I know the mesuring unit sounds funny, but this guy who made recipe changed all the mesuring units to everyday Korean things to make it familar and easy to understand for Korean ladies. So, the cup means the small paper coffee cup which is using in office mostly in Korea, and the spoon means basic spoon that you would use in Korea for rice.(I hope you would remember..:) )
      I hope it would help you and if you have any other questions, ask me w/out any hesitation 😀

      Bon appeitite!


  3. What a fascinating recipe! Thank you for posting it. I will definitely try making it if I can find some decent crabs up here in Canada.

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