Do you want to open chicken business? Here is the recipe!

    When i took an Asia class at Culinary Institute of America, there was a fabulous pork rib which was chinese? or Thai ??style.Um…though it was one of my favorite recipe from $45,000 cost classes, still i can’t remember correctly.I’m shame on me…Anyway it was soysauce and fish sauce base rib and i used to line up first for the kitchen whenever they had it. I love it so much and now i convert it with my ‘put whatever i have version’ at home and it came out still nice and my friends were knocked down with this.So, i believe it is good enough to introuduce you guys.You tell me whether it is good enough or not.:) 


-Chicken thigh and drum sticks 12pcs.(you can use only thigh or drum sticks)

For Sauce:

-Slightly more than 1/2pt of bulgogi sauce or terriyaki sauce.

-3tbsp of fish sauce

-2tbsp of soysauce

-1ea shallot

-4ea cloves of garlic

-1ea jalapenyo(choice)

-1tsp of chili flakes

-1/2pt of water

-1/2ea lime juice to adjust saltiness

For glaze: honey


This is the bulgogi sauce and fish sauce that i used.But again, if you don’t have it, always my cooking policy is ‘use what you have’. If you have terriyaki sauce and thai fish sauce, mix them together until you taste a strong fish sauce flavor. Then it must be quite salty, maybe too salty. Then, squize a half of lime juice. The sourness takes away the saltiness and fish smell.This is what we call ‘Balancing flavor’ in cooking.aha! 🙂

Mince your garlic, shallot, jalapenyo and mix every sauce ingredients. Set aside in a bowl.





Sear your chicken- I did last time without searing.but this time, tried whether it came out more crispy but i think it was same. Maybe i can be wrong. You decide either sear or not whatever.or  deep frying will be even better!

Searing tip: heat your pan until smoking hot.Literally smoking.Don’t be afraid.Fire men will not come and you are not going to be dead. As soon as your pan smoking, drizzle some vegetable oil and place your chicken on skin side. Leave them until it gets desired nice golden brown color.Don’t flip them every 10 seconds because of your impatience. I know what you are doing.I’m watching you.-_-+


When it is seared nicly, put them into preheated 350F oven. Before you put it, brush them with the sauce that you preped already.







Brush them every 20minutes? whenever you remember.haha!:D







Also, flip them and make some knife marks to make them cook faster and brush the sauce.







Keep cooking-

about 30 min later it is supposed to be looked like this!

Aren’t they yum??!!!!!

Right before you serve it,if you have left over sauce, reduce it down with high heat and glaze the meat with honey. Honey makes good balance with the saltiness and spicyness. 







Here is your future chicken business BBQ chicken with rice and some salad.Always getting love is easier than you expect. Today, try this and you will be loved by everyone who has the chance to taste your BBQ chicken.:) Wanna get loved?Do it!


2 responses to “Do you want to open chicken business? Here is the recipe!

  1. i love it!!!! i want some right now. you make me smile too hard 🙂

  2. I love BBQ chicken! Could you please make this for me someday? 🙂

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