Buttery melting squash?-butternut squash soup!

     Couple of weeks ago, i invited some of my friends for lunch. I had no menu plan and just went to grocery shopping. Most of time,it is better to have plan but sometimes no plan can be the best plan and it was the perfect day for it! I found out beautiful golden butternut squash and immediately it hits my head converting to make a soup. However, ‘just plain squash soup? nah~i’m a cook!! How can i twist it and surprise my friends????’ My brain started spin fast-only when i think about food.Nothing else indeed.Even it takes a while to plus or minus for one digit number…-luckily my fast rolling eyes were stopped on parsnips.(at this moment, i found out a lot of my none cook friends have no idea what parsnips are.:( I’m very upset!!! Parsnips will be very sad that their existence is ignored! for your reference, parsnips are kind of carrot family looking but have very distinctive  flavor. It becomes amazingly sweet when you roast them and it is one of my FAVORITE root vegetables.) butternut squash and parsnip soup? hum, well sounds good.’so i decided to make it.

Here is the recipe which my friends almost cried.









Ingredients: half of medium size butternut squash.

                           parsnip medium size. 2ea.

                           (right side white carroty looking veg is parsnip)

                           medium size shallot 2ea

                           garlic  2~3cloves

                           water to cover the vegetables

                           butter 1 heaping table spoon.

                           heavy cream 2~3 table spoon. chive for garnish.


 Dice squash and parsnip like pictures.

 Mince shallots and garlic.

Prep everything what you need for cooking before you start it. Otherwise you become in hurry and start hating cooking!





 Sweat( means make them in the condition of when you are in sauna for 30 min. Making vegetables or your aromatic ingredients until they are literally sweating! make them exhausted!) them well in butter. You can use olive oil, but bad for your health always tastes better.:( Sweating your aromatic ingredients are very important because it is the basic step to build your flavor profile. Imagine your house has bad fundamental base. It is same for cooking. Respect your cooking step!:)

When you bite one of the shallot piece and don’t feel any bite, it means it is sweated enough.very well.



 Sweat butternut squash first and add parsnips since squash is harder which takes longer to be cooked. But i think you can throw together if you want to.:)






Sweat until it becomes soft. Here again, if you just dump water before it becomes soft because you have no patience like me, then it  just tastes like squash water. Cooking is all about timing and controling heat at the right time.so pls be little more patience and let’s eat tasty and yummy food! I also tested dumping water earlier than this stage, there was a significant flavor difference. trust me.

I think, also you can roast your squash and parsnip if you don’t want to wait this much. I guess it will taste even better since roasting condense flavor.

Cover with hot water and simmer few more minutes.


Blend it. adjust consistency with hot water and finish with heavy cream. Season it with salt.







Ta da~!

Here is your buttery melting squash soup with parsnip!

You can garnish with whatever of course, but i garnished them with the seed which butternut squash had. Toast them with little bit of vegetable oil and season with salt and papprika or chili powder. Also for color i added little bit of chives.If you have any nice finishing oil like pumpkin seed oil,truffle oil, or extra virgin olive oil, it would be also nice to drizzle a bit on the top! But if don’t have it, forget about it and just enjoy!:)

Bon appetit!


2 responses to “Buttery melting squash?-butternut squash soup!

  1. oooooooo……i’m a soup whore! and i luv butternut squash. your recipe looks dee-lish! i’m definitely gonna try it (.^_^.)

  2. yum yum yum. perfect recipe for this time of the year. i bet claire wishes she were around to try your masterpiece!

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