New Excitement!


     Today, i’d love to introduce you guys an amazing and full of excitement cook book. I know this is not a brand new book so i may possibly be a big step is behinded of you…or…also i’m not a Jamie’s PR manager or a book seller. I’m just introuducing this book only because i wanna share the excitement that i get with this book and the potencial happiness that it can bring to you and your friends.


I ordered it about a week ago through Amazon, cost me around $25.00. It is consisted of spring/summer/fall/winter chapter so that you can pick your menu by season which is very convenient and show you how you can grow your own vegetables and tell you a lot of little beautiful stories.


I am never a big fan of any celebrity chef, but I’ve been always Jamie’s fan because his food is very simple, easy and always mainly centered on people which i drive into. 20081123134138_466122841


All of the recipes in this book is described in very Jamie’s simple style such as ‘a big heapping table spoon’ which i love to follow. so i guess speding about twenty bucks and having endless enjoyable days would be not too bad…What you think? 🙂


                                                                         Seoyoung Jung


2 responses to “New Excitement!

  1. Hi Seoyoung. I’m just now getting back to reading NFD, been away doing boring stuff. Is Jamie that young British chef with an American-casual style I saw on TV? XO

  2. yes Mr.pops. He is the young British chef who makes everything so easily!

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