Haute Chocolate

chocolate dressThis weekend is one of my favorite four day events in New York.  Every year I volunteer for the Chocolate Show and inevitably eat my weight in demoed desserts and sampled sweets.  Last night was the chocolate fashion show– it’s the opening event that pairs pastry chefs with designers, and through a co-mingling of fashion savvy and chocolate workmanship, a dress and accessories are created to strut down a runway.  Cacao fans are both impressed by the realism of the chocolate and the creativity in how it is applied.

This is the first year that I’ve missed the event.  I headed out of town to help my friend’s mother do an hors d’oeuvre party for…a quilt show.  I’ve spent the day cooking up vegetables from their garden, both pickling beats and roasting carrots.  I’m trying to keep my hands busy and my heart occupied so as not to think about what I’m missing out on.  Chocolate is one of those ultimately romantic items (along with wine and coffee) that must be sourced from specific regions, grown at certain altitudes, and varies in strength and subtle lingering aftertastes.  A weekend devoted to this serotonin inducing delight is something not to be missed.  The fashion show is a high energy event that kick starts this weekend filled with dessert demos and chocolate vendors pushing their brands.  Chocolatiers from Japan craft handmade truffles with detailed work, Hershey’s sells their new line of chocolate bars, and chocolate paintings are for sale.

If you are around this weekend in New York, head to Pier 94 and be prepared to step into your chocolate fantasy (for only $28).  The event lasts Fri & Sat 10-8 and Sun 10-7.  Since I cannot partake this year, I expect a full report and full pockets of chocolate to be handed into me by Monday.


One response to “Haute Chocolate

  1. hey! i didn’t know you had a blog! good stuff. i saw someone mention it on facebook (the ultimate source for “it’s an A&B conversation, so C your way out”…i’m so nosey!…haha!) keep it up!

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