Yogurt Ice Cream Via Your Freezer

 Do you know Red Mango or Pinkberry? Those are the name of fruity yogurt ice cream shops which are pretty pricey. You gotta pay about $5.00 for 3 spoonfuls of yogurt  (at least for me and Claire.  Maybe 5 spoons for normal people…). So, Claire invented a brilliant idea to make it at home with a gallon of yogurt and only paying a few dollars. Haha!

On our first try, we only mixed yogurt and honey and froze it in a big metal bowl, whisking every 15 minutes. It came out pretty amazing for a first try.  We didn’t have enough honey so, we add a little bit of yuzu jam. It was tangy and citrusy but a bit too tart.  So we decide to add a little more fat (Mascarpone) to make it creamy.  And I add a little of lemon zest. It came out SPECTACULOUS, AMAZING, GOURGEOUS AND BEAUTIFUL.  We decide to never go back to Red Mango again….( we even almost decided to open a new ice cream shop next to Red Mango which is named ‘Poor Grape’ because you have only grape topping. haha)

Here is the secret.  I know it is not ice cream season…but this is ice cream!!  Come on, you have to try if you are a big fan of Red mango ice cream.  Additionally, this is NON-FAT yogurt though we put a little of mascarpone…and we spent only $7 which will serve 5 of your grande ice cream lover friends 🙂

Basically this is all you need.

Yogurt: 2pounds.

Honey: Presume 1/3 cup or until it reaches the desired    sweetness you expect. I squeezed crazy way screaming out ‘ah~~~rrrrrrrr’.

Mascarpone cheese: 2 heaping tablespoons.

1 ea lemon zest


Put everything into the metal bowl (metal bowl helps it to freeze quicker.) and whisk. Put it into a freezer. Whisk it every 20~30 minutes. Only yogurt freeze very quick but once you put mascarpone it takes pretty good amount of time. So I say it will take about 3 hours to get a nice ice cream texture.  But if you are hot temper person like me, no patience at all, always you still can eat half frozen ice cream licking the bowl.:)




This is our home made yogurt icecream!

You can garnish with whatever you want to.  But we garnish with brunoise of persimmon and red grape( it was the best! so good combination) and caramelized sugar. It gave a nice crunchy bite.  But if you are already tired only making ice cream, then you can substitude with honey or maple syrup or caramel whatever.

Honestly, it was so good and we couldn’t help putting stars at our picture though we know it is silly.:)


Bon Appetit!              

Seoyoung Jung


4 responses to “Yogurt Ice Cream Via Your Freezer

  1. i’m totally going to try this!! i am always outraged at the price of frozen yogurt, and that’s just at 0ur little local yogurt shop ‘yogurt delite’… i don’t even live in a big city! i think i will try it with maybe some dried cherries chopped up and mixed in, or just plain honey which you can never go wrong with. thanks for the tips for my most favorite easy, freezy delite.

  2. wooooooo~~~cherry sounds delicious Georgia!
    Maybe add a little more Mascarpone when you make Cherry flavor and beat the cherry jubilee of 31 BeskinRobinson! Sounds like we are conquering all ice cream industry yeah~!:D

  3. im very excited to try this!!

    how about adding figs?!

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