Do you want your own Bulgogi?

Personally i thought bulgogi recipe would be so boring for this bolg and i honestly even didn’t consider updating bulgogi recipe at here. But i found out every single day i saw the words ‘bulgogi’ and ‘bibimpop’ recipe what you guys searched at here.(you didn’t know i saw the words that you guys searched for at here, did you? haha! I know what you guys did on last friday on me and Claire’s blog!) So, i decided to make it, and it came out pretty nice 🙂 . Also since you guys are looking for ‘bibimpop’ recipe, it will be my next mission to make super simple and easy recipe but fancy enough to impress your buddies and familes. Coming soon!:)

So, here is the super simple house version of bulgogi.


beef: sliced rib eye: it should be very thin slice. The critical point of bulgogi is thin sliced beef. Otherwise, it suddenly becomes unidentified dish. About 1.5pound.

onion: yellow onion about medium size 1ea.

carrot: julienned. 1/4ea. medium carrot not medium size of cello carrot!

Soysauce: 6 tbsp.

sugar: 2 tbsp. If you love sweet flavor, add one more spoon.but not me. If you use brown suger, you may need to add little more because white sugar is a lot sweeter than brown sugar normally.

Asian pear: grinded 3tbsp. If you don’t have, skip it.

garlic: minced 2tbsp.

scallion: chopped 3 tbsp.

ginger: if you have it, put about 1/8 tbsp.

black pepper, toasted sesame seed

sesame oil: 1tbsp

1.Put every seasoning into the bowl and mix them together.


2. Add the mixture onto the beef,onion and carrot in a big bowl.


3. Use your hand and mix them together well. Don’t mix them too hard, then meat develope viscosity and becomes like a burger paddy. Those unwanted condition of food is sometimes called ‘dog’s shit’ in some professional kitchen. I seriously don’t mean it happens in my kitchen where i’m working now.:P

At this point, you shouldn’t have too much sauce at the bottom of your bowl. Though you don’t see any at the bottom, still it is enough. If you see the marinating sauce like a soup, it means your bulgogi will be too salty. so becareful with the amount of the sauce.


4. Heat up your pan and hot saute them.

See, the previouse picture didn’t look like soupy soupy, but once you fire them, it becomes very juicy!


5. Ta~da! Your own bulgogi is done! It will be a perfect surprising dish for your Saturday dinner for your beloved!


Also, if you want it to make little more fancier, you can add oyster mushroom. It will add earthy flavor and very chewy texture and make it even nicer. But if you don’t have it or if it is too expensive, you can substitute with other mushrooms like white button.(No truffles! thanks God) However, still even without any mushroom, it taste very good, so i hope you will enjoy this yummy recipe!


One response to “Do you want your own Bulgogi?

  1. you probably make it just as good as my mums! it looks deeee-lish (^_^) mmm!

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