Flapjacks, Crepes, Pancakes

It doesn’t matter what you want to call them.  Yes, there may be slight differences among these items most commonly eaten at breakfast, but that’s not what I’m getting at here.  I just want to make this simple.  You can find your flapjacks, crepes, and pancakes in a restaurant called Pancake Pantry.  Now, I probably have developed a sweet tooth over these past few years that could rival Cookie Monster’s cookie addiction.  But for breakfast, I usually steer towards the savory side.  But since I’ve been in Nashville, everyone that I’ve asked for a breakfast recommendation has uniformly responded with this pancake place.

I was forewarned that there would be a long wait, so I set my alarm for 7am…on a Saturday morning my friends–yes, I am that dedicated to food.  I pulled up at the restaurant and there was already a line out the door.  Shocking!  Who else wants to eat pancakes this early?  Apparently most of Nashville.  I only had about a twenty five minute wait, but by the time I left, the line had wrapped around two blocks!

I sat down and immediately found the pancake selection.  There were upwards of fifteen varieties of pancakes on the menu, ranging from your traditional buttermilk to a tropical Jamaiican accented one.  I asked for the waitress’s recommendation and she picked two of the four I had been contemplating.  I split my order and decided on the sweet potatoe and the Smokey Mountain buckwheat cakes.  After she walked away, I began regretting my decision.  What about the apricot-lemon delight?  Or the tart cherry supreme??  Had I gone too mainstream and plain?

The answer to that question would be a resounding ‘no!’  My pancakes were foodstuffs meant for gods.  And the cream based cinnamon syrup that accompanied my sweet potato pancakes could easily replace their desire for ambrosia.  After sampling the sweet potato cakes first, I moved over to the the buckwheat with a tinge of trepidation.  Buckwheat makes me think heavy, and conjures up images of course soba noodles.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this dark flavored grain.  My first bite made me pause and I was forced to slice through the center to get a better look.  The pancakes were cloud-like, and thick, and anything but dense and heavy.  And though they absorbed the maple syrup like a pile of sand absorbs water, they remained airy.  Unfortunately the recipes are “secrets” and I could not bribe the waitress to reveal the magic.  So I went back to reveling in the best pancakes ever…


Pancake Pantry located 1796 21st. Ave. South Nashville, TN 37212

A plate of pancakes (stack of five), hash browns and a cup of coffee was $14.  Not shabby for the best plate of pancakes of your life.


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