Do you need calcium?-Here is bone in panfried anchovies!

       While my friend Claire is devoting herself at Southern cuisine, I was hovering grocery shops to decide what will be the next interesting ingredients to introduce to you guys. But it didn’t take long.Thinking about Claire quickly remind me of ONE of her favorite snacks, littly fish, Mr. dried anchovies. This little fish is usually dried in Korea and we lightly pan fry them and eat as one of the side dishes. At my college, Culinary Institute of America, I had a gastronomy class and we had this anchovie at my class. It was marinated in some thicken sauce. The professor passed around the little fish and asked students to try it, adding that some countries eat this. Suddenly, I become a person from THE country where they eat some stuff which appears at gastronomy class! I  enjoyed it, of course, but one of my friend, even at Culinary Institute of America!, couldn’t put it into his mouth saying “this little fish is staring at me!!”. I thought it was pretty cute.haha.

Anyway, since the student who attends CIA, which we presume as the most foodie person in this country  can’t eat this, I don’t force you to put this little fish into your mouth which is staring at you.  But what I want to tell you is, these guys are so tasty and crispy and especially they are amazing source of calcium for your bones. You don’t have to carry the jar of calcium for your creaking knees, worrying about your 50’s, once you start to love these guys. So, are you ready to adventure another ingredient which is beyond of your imagination?

 There are many differents size of dried anchovies. Clockwise, the top one is a kind of big one which we use for making da-shi in Korean cuisine. Most of the tasty soups that you get from Korean restaurant is based with this.And the two bottoms of the anchovies are for your pan frying.  Some people only like the tiny one, but I like good biting texture, so I decide to show how to cook the medium guys.












  Dried anchovies           a bag; I use about two handful of anchovies.

  soysauce                      2~3 tbsp

  vegetable oil                about 1c. good amount to cover your pan.

  corn syrup                    about 1c. good amount to coat your anchovies.

  chili flakes                    if you are big fan of spicyness otherwise skip.

  toasted sesame seed     to garnish.

1.  Shift your anchovies to get rid of scrumbles.

2.  Cover your pan with good amount of veg oil. heat them up until you hear sizzling sound when you put one piece of anchovie.

3.  Toast them until they become light golden brown and crispy. Don’t pour soy sauce too early, then it becomes soggy.:(








4. Turn off your heat, otherwise the soy sauce is burned so easily since you are toasting them on high heat. some of your anchovies will be completely black and some of them white and you can kill your friend who taste the black part because it gets too salty. So, don’t forget to turn off your heat and drizzle the soy sauce into the edge of your pan and mix them well. Then you can heat them up with the low heat again.

5.  Add corn syrup, toasted sesame seed, and chili flakes if you want.  Mix them well on the low heat.


6.  Ta da~ Here is your panfried anchovies! You can eat with hot bowl of rice or just as itself for your snacks.  I know it looks unfamilar with you guys but trust me, it just taste like a candy.  Very crispy and sugary.  Sweet and salt flavor.  Eating candy is bad for you but this guys help your health and your mom will not be mad about eating this when compare with candy!


2 responses to “Do you need calcium?-Here is bone in panfried anchovies!

  1. I love it! Now I can make these little fish at home and don’t have to bother you to make them for me!! And it’s true, they are better than candy. Maybe for Halloween…?

  2. girl…you and my mom should hang out!

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