The truth about seaweed: soup with beef and salad with vinegary dressing.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to cook seaweed. It may sounds odd to some people who never heard about eating seaweed, but yes. It is a very common ingredient in Korea. You can make salad, soup, even you toast them and make nori and wrap your rice.  Isn’t it so fun and amazing that you can do so many things with one ingredient?  Anyway, back to the issue, then why people eat seaweed??  I know some of my friend asked me ‘WHY??!!!!’ when I told them about eating fish stomach which was one of mine and Claire’s FAVORITE side dishes.  Personally, I love the texture which is slimy  but there is something about seaweed which you haven’t discovered yet.

Seaweed is very rich in Calcium and magnesium and is the reason women eat a lot of seaweed soup after giving a birth in Korea.  Also we have a tradition to eat a seaweed soup on your birthday.  Even before we are wished a “happy birthday!” we are asked if we’ve had our seaweed soup yet.  It is a kind of mandatory food like having a Turkey at here on thanksgiving.

Anyway, i’m going to show you how to cook seaweed soup first and seaweed salad in case you have a left over seaweed.:)

Yield a big pot which is enough for 4 people.


dry seaweed– grab as you do pasta noodle about the size of a  silver dollar.When you soak in the water it becomes double.  Be careful with the amount.  Do not overestimate the amount because it looks so small when it is dried!

This much of dried seaweed is very enough for 4people’s soup and some salad. maybe even more than that.

Beef chunks get a beef for stew, such as shoulder. put 5~6 big chunks and save the rest for your next journey in the fridge.

soy sauce 3 tablespoons.

water 2qt.

minced garlic 2 tablespoon.

sesame oil about 4tbsp.

onion 1/2head.

salt to taste.

1.  Soak your dried seaweed in the good amount of cold water, cover it about 15 minutes and drain the water. At the same time soak your beef chunks in the COLD water to get rid of blood.  (It helps to make clean broth)  If you use hot water, the meet will tighten since it is partially protein so you can not exstract the blood.

2.  Put sesame oil (4~5tbsp) and sweat your garlic until it developes the flavor in the oil.  Do not brown.

3.  Add two handfuls of soaked seaweed and quick saute them in the garlic oil like below picture. (Honestly, I forgot making garlic oil, so I just dumped spoons of garlic, but making garlic oil taste a lot better!! )

4. Once the seaweed color changed into slightly brighter green, it means it is cooked lightly.  Then cover it with water and add beef cubes and sliced onion.  Season with soy sauce, salt, and simmer about 30 min or until the seaweed texture gets very tender.

5. Finish with some black pepper if you want to.  Here is nice warm seaweed soup for you!

Now, I presume you have some left over already soaked seaweed in your sink.  Let’s utilize them too!

Seaweed salad with carrot and onion and soysauce vinegary dressing.

Ingredients: About a big handful soaked seaweed.

1part of each soysauce,rice wine vinegar,sugar.

2tbsp of minced garlic.

1tsp of sesame oil.

onion  1/2head. 1/4 of a carrot-julienned.

1. Put everything into a big bowl. and Mix it!

2.It is done!

Now, you have a bowl of hot soup and cold salad. Enjoy as usual!


2 responses to “The truth about seaweed: soup with beef and salad with vinegary dressing.

  1. I use dried seaweed to make a stock for soup with fish or other seafood in it. I really like it.

  2. um,I guess that is a little different kind of seaweed in terms what we use in my country. I think the seaweed what u use for the broth is pretty firm and thick right? This is very young and tender seaweed. The seaweed you r using is called ‘Da si ma’, which is used to make da-si;short broth. You can use it for short broth or blanch and wrap your rice with some sauce. Next time i will get it and show you how it is different and the difference of the usage.Thanks for your response! I’m glad to see it!:)

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