How can I eat my Kimchi in other ways? 2nd series-Pork Kimchi stew,Nazareth soup.

      Well, as I promised you guys, I’m going to tell you my secret, delicious pork kimchi stew recipe for the series of ‘how can I eat my kimchi in other ways?’ . Personally I call this soup as Nazareth soup.  Because this soup is SO tasty and I literally resurrected like the dead Nazareth did in the bible.  I was so tired and laid down, half dead on my friends’ sofa after 16 hours continuous working-even not a minute bathroom excuse, you think this is impossible, but Yes. It is possible at restaurant life- at my externship.  My friend cooked this soup and drizzled into my mouth to wake me up and I did! It was SOOOOOOOO GOOD.  If some of your friends are tired in this winter coming weather, why don’t you spend about an hour, ignoring your pot and fully entertain your friends and family?


Kimchi (fully fermented, sour kimchi is the best.  Don’t even think about   making this if your Kimchi    is young and fresh.  Fresh kimchi doesn’t suit for this. If you are dying to try this when you have fresh Kimchi, leave them in the room temperature for 3 days in New york, maybe 2 days in California since it is hotter than Newyork!:))                

1/4 head of one full cabbage.

pork spare ribs    5-6 ribs

water and salt as needed.

1. cut your kimchi as a bite size. This is my way.

  2.Place your ribs at the bottom of the pot. I put about 5~6 ribs. You can put more if you want to.

3.Cover it with good amount of Kimchi and Kimchi juice.


4. pour about 3 cups of water. Bring it to boil and simmer about an hour until the pork gets fork tender.

5. Adjust seasoning with more water if it is too salty or more salt if it needs. SO SIMPLE! If you have, you can finish with scallion. If not,forget. Still taste damn good. Serve with hot rice like this!

Oh…Man, though i’m writing this but still it makes my mouth watering. Seriously this soup is so simple and tasty, what you can do is, just set a pot with pork and kimchi and forget about an hour. Then all your family and friends can enjoy a pot of stew which is a million times tastier than some noodle bar soup.Oh, but you have to use pork RIBS. Because always bones make soup tasty, so your meat do need bones for this soup.

Winter is coming and how do you feel about making up your sitting Kimchi jar into a fancy pork stew? I hope you will enjoy!


4 responses to “How can I eat my Kimchi in other ways? 2nd series-Pork Kimchi stew,Nazareth soup.

  1. mmmm delicious Kimchi! i want it now 🙂

  2. Hey ~ I Know those yummy stuff~!!! and Where is that place???!!! Ha~!

  3. Ungh… I turned inside out reading your delicious recipe. And so simple! Resurrection, thy name is KIMCHI. Who knew?

  4. hahaha, i love your commenting Mr.pops! actually it is not not only Kimchi. It should combine with pork!!!:)

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