Raining day? Eat ‘Pa-jeon’!

Here, where i’m at New York city is raining today. I hate rain. Period.

But there is always one good thing no matter how bad it is; and for me this food ‘Pa-Jeon’ can consolate my depressed gloomy soul by weather. How nice! haha!

Pa-Jeon literally means scallion pancake. I believe you guys have tasted this pancake, or if you haven’t, no worries, stand up now and search any Korean restuarant and try it. Hearing the sizzling sound of pancakes and the nutty smell of cooking it, I guess it makes a perfect harmony with the dampness of weather and sounds of rain.

So, here is a recipe- why don’t you go out (please be bothered at this time haha!) and grab a bunch of scallion and flour to entertain yourself instead of being boring lazy couch potatoes (though sometimes i love to be it)! 😀

yield: 2 pancakes (your face size, or small pizza size)


AP(All Purpose flour) 1 1/2c
water 1c

salt to taste

squid one handful. sliced
scallion or chives 2 bunches
clams if you have. otherwise it is ok to skip.  you can use cocktail shrimp instead.
red/green longpepper chilies like Swedish finger chilis.(if you are afraid of spicyness then skip it)
egg 2ea.

1.Mix flour,water, salt together.make a kind of heavy cream consistency batter.  Mix egg separately.

2.As you see on the pictures, pour a ladle of the batter that you already made, on the frying pan, and add small ingredients such as squid,shrimp or peppers then add scallions and pour another ladle of the batter onto it.(if you put scallion first and add small ingredients like pictures, the small ingredients will all drop,sorry picture is wrong, I’ve done this mistake so many times!!!! sea food will be gone with the wind…:( so it is important to put the small stuff first on the batter to stick and not to escape, then scallion, and batter in order.don’t forget!) and add egg mix.(just pour little bit of egg mix.it is for yellow color and crispyness) then flip it! and present with the ingredients surface as you see in the picture.

4. Treat yourself and your beloved people!

*dipping sauce: i usually make with approximately 1part of soy sauce, half part of rice vinegar.toasted sesame seed-It is important to toast your all kind of spicies.  Toasting develops amazing aroma of it, otherwise it will be a just tasteless yellow dot on your dish :(, korean chilly powder. you can also add sliced scallion as well if you want some pungent flavor but i don’t because of too much garlicky taste.

Now, let’s enjoy our raining day!


One response to “Raining day? Eat ‘Pa-jeon’!

  1. Seoyoung, you have stolen my heart! Like the seafood will be “gone with the wind,” I am off to the market to try to reproduce your recipe. And your photos are amazing! I am so happy to have found your down-to-earth recipes for simple yet flavorful food delights. This is the real deal.

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