How can I eat my kimchi in other way?

While my beloved friend Claire is enjoying her lobster and two big scoops of icecream in Maine, I decided to show you guys how to enjoy your kimchi in different ways. First of all, if you don’t know what is Kimchi, Kimchi is technically a word for ‘any kinds of fermented, cured, seasoned vegetables’. I found out in America, people normally think kimchi is only ‘cured cabage’ but there are so many varieties. you wanna know what are they? wait. I’ll let you know 🙂 step by step.

Since you guys have experienced cabage kimchi-i hope- i will let you know how to eat your cabage kimchi which is sitting at the corner of your fridge in different way. This dish is called ‘tofu kimchi’ and in Korea, and it can be a wonderful snack or for your meal.

1. cut a handful of your kimchi into a bite size.

2.Saute them with a spoonful of butter and bacon.(if you have it and love it, then you add, but if you don’t have, don’t be bothered. Once you get a stress to go to market then you loose your interest on cooking. Cooking should be fun! so try to substitute and creat your own dish! you can substitue with can tuna or even skipping!) Add about a table spoon of sugar-if your kimchi is super sour and stink,and add sesame oil.

3. While you are cooking your kimchi, set a pot and boil some water to blanch your tofu.

I know there are tons of different kinds of tofu, but this tofu is either not rock hard firm tofu or super soft tofu. If i say like this, you may think, ‘where the hell i get those tofu then!’, but don’t worry. Find any H-mart or chinese market. Then should have a kind of medium texture tofu.

4. Now it is done! Set a plate and slice your hot blanched tofu and put sauted kimchi and decorate it with sesame seed.:)

5. Above picture is for family style but i gave a little change to entertain your friends! Dice your tofu into your fingerfood size and it can be changed to a nice finger food for your party as well! 🙂 garnish with sliced scallion. Drizzel some soysauce vinaigrette (1part of saysauce 1part of rice vinegar,Few drop of sesame oil) if you want to make it even more fancier! Enjoy! 😀


4 responses to “How can I eat my kimchi in other way?

  1. Seoyoung, your writing is so colorful and charming, and your recipe so simple. You have inspired me – with Kimchi the prize, no stress is too great! I’m off to the market.

  2. PS good photos and links.

  3. Thank you Mr.pops! Not to waist your kimchi i’m going to keep update all kimchi cooking recipe until you empty your jar! Thank you again for encouraging me!:)

  4. Thank you! I’m a kimchi fanatic, and definitely going to be trying your ideas soon! (I turn everything into kimchi, including flowers. It’s kind of an obsession for me.) Great ideas!

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