Visions of Lobster Roll

I drove a car for the first time in New York this past weekend.  I was definitely anxious as I got behind the wheel, but quickly relaxed when I envisioned the end result of this car trip.  I picked Sasha up at her house, we hopped on the highway…and then sat in traffic for the next three hours.  Seventy miles in three hours to be exact.  Not that I was paying attention to the minutes that were ticking down to the lobster dinner we were supposed to have at eight o’clock.  Never mind that by six o’clock we still had approximately 200 miles to go.  We cranked up the oldies station and somehow managed to make it to the restaurant by 9:15.  Maybe I drove a wee bit over the speed limit.  But there were things weighing in the balance (meaning a 1 1/2 lb lobster dinner) and we only had the weekend in Maine, so maximization of time and eating was crucial.  We called Sasha’s dad when we were about fifteen minutes from the restaurant, put in our order, and when we skidded through the door our plates were just being whisked, steaming, out of the kitchen.  Mission accomplished.  Sasha and I put on our bibs and cracked open every knuckle, leg, and claw, ate the roe and even the tamale.

Maine was gorgeous.  We ran along the beach, gathered shells and ate three lobsters over the course of the weekend.  I never, however, ate that elusive lobster roll.  I just couldn’t bring myself to eat one when I had the option of a whole lobster!!  I don’t know if that was a fool’s decision…I’ve only had one lobster roll in my life and it was here in New York at Mary’s Fish Camp.  It was delicious but also quite expensive.  In Maine, they were going for around $14-$16.  On our last day, we putsed around Massachussettes in a quaint little town where again, I made the poor decision of eating ice cream.  Two massive scoops!!  Did I mention that I had already had soft serve earlier that day??  The only roll I could attempt was the one to the car.  So I left Maine only to return to New York full and relaxed…yet slightly disappointed that my only lobster roll reference is from the city.  I guess I’ll just have to go back and try again!

For a fun and laid back dinner, go to Billy’s Chowder House in Wells, Maine.  Whether you like steamed lobster or fried clams, this cute little restaurant specializes in anything seafood.

If you feel like being absolutely extravagant, check out Sundaes at the Beach.  Homemade ice cream with a sundae bar–meaning you decide how much hot chocolate, whipped cream, nuts and cherries you put on your two scoops.  Be prepared for so many smiles and an intense sugar high.  A nap is recommended after attendance!


4 responses to “Visions of Lobster Roll

  1. “…and even the tamale.” Um, the whole enchilada? I’m a little confused, coming off your Street Food article. But did your Maine lobster idyll measure up to: “Lobster, The Platonic Ideal”? Or not?

  2. funny coincidence for this article to be right after the tamale article! the lobster’s liver is called the tamale as well…not enchilada. it’s even spelled the same as the corn tamales most of us are familiar with. hope that clears the confusion 🙂

  3. I’m going to make Sundaes at the Beack my screensaver because the music is so kewl!

  4. good timing for the Maine lobster excursion, before hurricane watch. I must encourage readers to try the pumpkin ice cream at Sundaes at the Beach smothered in their hot caramel sauce with chopped walnuts and a dab of whipped cream. Better than Thanksgiving pie!

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