Taco Battle

As a little compensation for myself missing Claire’s Taco lunch, of course because of work-no other reason can exist in the world to skip food trip for me and Claire-, I stopped by my neighbor’s Taco truck which is known for the NY’s best tacos’-believe it or not- on my way home. (Some people then argue that Claire just said her upper west place was the city’s best, but I’m telling that Claire hasn’t tried this one yet, so I will allow you to have the right to judge which is the winner!)

This Taco truck usually comes in the night by the time when people start hungry and looking for some snacks for their long summer night. When I saw it first, I was “Eh! Another street food!” and ignored it. But soon, I realized it is THE BEST TACO TRUCK that my cook friends used to talk about!

Well, so there was no reason to hesitate to try this and I soon became addicted.(This kind of late night food, it is very late by the time that I go home after work since I’m working for restaurant night shift, is very very BAD.  especially for your diet!) Honestly, I hesitated a little, very little, tiny bit little tonight because of the stupid, repeating, boring issue to be on a diet, however, I couldn’t stop helping walking toward the truck as a very strong magnet is pulling myself when I presume myself is consist of full metal.:( . I was standing in front of the truck but still the tiny bit of my conscience about being on a diet was lifting up its head. “Wait. I don’t have cash…so I’m not supposed to have this. oh, but the dream of the pork is flying in my head…:'( Shall I ask him whether they accept credit card???no…yes…no…”  but, as if he noticed that I was hesitating because of the money, the amigo told me, “hey, darling, you don’t have cash? It’s ok, you can pay me later.” “what?!!!!!!” I opened my wallet to double check and I found out some one dollars and I said very proudly “no way! I’ll pay now!”. Ooooooops….but the proud that I had enough cash to pay just five dollars for 2 pork tacos was totally ruined. I had only four dollars. “of course, I’m not supposed to eat this!” I was talking to myself then, he told me again, “you know what? You don’t have to pay later, you come here every night, you just take it.” What a manner!

Coming home hopping, dancing, singing with the joy of dreaming sucking my ten fingers eating this delicious pork tacos, I thought about what will be the true fine dining? People usually consider a fine dining only when they spend some hundred dollars especially when they only eat a bite size food.  But, what happen not only it is delicious so much but also it includes humanity that can make a customer so happy like me with spending a small amount of money? isn’t it the true fine dining for you? For me, it was truly fine dining.:)

SEOYOUNG’S best TACO TRUCK is at 41st, queens blvd.

Transportation: take 7 line to flushing bound and get off at 40st.

Price range: from $2.50 to whatever you add up.

Business hours: around 9:00pm until you get over your hang over.


4 responses to “Taco Battle

  1. Now the mysterious Seoyoung erupts on the scene and challenges Claire to a taco duel… great fun! Only her taco truck comes in the middle of the night like the spectral death coach in Darby O’Gill, complete with “the dream of the pork is flying in my head.” I suspect that Seoyoung is really a Harvard philosophy graduate with a clever wit and sublime ear for poetry. Judging by the photos — red sauce, jalapenos and lime can make dirt delicious — my money is on the taco truck. But will it be there when I visit this winter? Or, like that death coach, is it all a dream? More, please.

  2. there is a great taco stand on bedford and n6th in williamsburg…clean and tasty

  3. Mr.pops! I think you have the wit of Harvard graduates! Thank you so much for enjoying our blog and i’m sure the taco truck will be still here even getting more popular!

  4. yum yum yum!! i need to get to NY quick to grab some of those tacos. you made me drool all over my keyboard!

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