Ketchup v. Salsa

I was having lunch today uptown.  108 and Amsterdamn to be exact.  My friends wanted to go to the Shake Shack and grab burgers, but I motioned that we try something new.  They were aghast that I would turn down the opportunity to eat one of the cities best burgers (mind you I’ve eaten there no less than ten times).  I was immediately labeled as a burger hater.  Could such a thing even exist?  Minus those who follow other religions, such as veganism, I do not know how it is Americanly possible to turn down our nation’s most identifiable food stuff.  And after having said that, we started talking about how no food signs, whether in an airplane, zoo, or theatre, are always banning burgers!!  How unpatriotic.  But that aside, today was a day to explore outside the realm of the familiar patty and bun (sigh, and special sauce), and search out the elusive authentic Mexican meal.

We sat down in the taqueria recommended by my roommate and I immediately gawked at the prices.  Tacos were $3.75!  I know, I know, maybe this sounds ridiculous, but a good taco usually costs around $1.50-$2.50.  And in California, even less.  So I hesitated tearing into the menu, but soon caved when Kyle and Jay ordered enough food for a table of five.  I put in my own order for a beef tongue and broiled pork and pineapple taco.  Everything was really tasty, but the real standouts were the chips and salsa!  I could be slightly biased because my favorite food in the world is chips and salsa…but then doesn’t that also make me a better judge??  They came gratis, which is pretty unusual for New York, and the three salsas were all incredibly fresh.  The standout was the avocado and tomatillo salsa.

So this wasn’t the cheapest taco find that I was hoping to search out, but it was still more than reasonable, and so far the best tacos I’ve found in New York.  And sometimes it’s a good thing to step away from the Americana that is the burger.   So for a fun lunch trip to the Upper-West side, check out Taqueria Fondita y a la Mexicana.   Aye yai yai!!


One response to “Ketchup v. Salsa

  1. A-buck-25 is the going rate for a La-La-land (L.A.) taqueria taco (sometimes it’s $1). Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Carnitas, Cabeza Lengua, Chicken, Buche, Molleja, Suadero… DREWL! The following site is a standard: Claire, your blog is becoming essential to my happiness.

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