Little Russia By the Sea

Today I entertained myself with food, of course, while miss Seoyoung was working hard for the money.  I originally decided to head to Brighton Beach to pick up some summer fruit at ridiculously low prices.  As I was walking down Brighton Avenue, with the roar of the subway above me, I ducked into a few deli’s and began loitering at the meat counters.  I blushed as I walked past meters and meters of window space, all showcasing cured salamis, roasted meats, and even meats sewn up into bovine shapes!  Never have I seen so much meet in such a small vicinity.  And then to the pickles.  Oh so many types of cucumbers and tomatoes brining away to crunchy perfection.  

I ended up buying a few prepared foods at the local grocer.  When I walked in, Russian techno was blaring over the loudspeakers.  I shimmied down the aisles (and maybe did a few finger points in synchronicity to the tunes) until I came face-to-glass-shield with the endless options of Russian fare.  I basically stood back and observed what all the women were choosing and then filled my containers with their picks.  I (meaning they) chose two different eggplant salads, a chicken roll stuffed with rice, corn, peppers and bacon, and a cabbage roll stuffed with meat and rice and overwhelming seasoned with dill.  Spasiba Russian ladies!  Everything was very tasty.  

After polishing off the goods, I peaked into a patisserie and walked out with an enormous pastry heavily weighted down with poppy seeds.  I hesitated to bite into the delicacy right away for fear of embedding millions of seeds in between my teeth, and then my stomach quickly reminded me who was boss, and down the hatch it went!  All in all, Little Russia provided enough entertainment for both my eyes and appetite today.  And did I remember to fill my bag with bountiful amounts of fruit?  Halfway back to Manhattan, poppy seeds still escaping from their hiding spaces, I realized I had completely aborted my fruit mission, yet only reconfirmed my life’s mission…to taste everything it has to offer!


3 responses to “Little Russia By the Sea

  1. What a wonderful blog. I especially liked your use of the word “shimmied”…fantastic. I look forward to one day entering into your wonderful world of food…to see what really goes on in there. Actually maybe one day I can “shimmy” into that world. 😉

    Stoked for you Claire!


  2. “Mission: Bountiful!” Your passion for food is amazing and goes straight to my heart! I feel like I know you (te he). Would like to hear what Seoyoung has to say, as well.

  3. You didn’t! We will have to repeat when you’re here and maybe I’ll introduce you to other weird-looking stuff. Get ready for more techno music at the LA Russian stores!

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