Labor Day Feast: Not Your Average BBQ

Seoyoung and I figured we would have a light lunch yesterday before running off to Chinatown to work on our little food project. I went over to her house with a little baggy of braised pig’s feet, pickled daikon and an empty stomach. By the time I walked into her apartment, she had most of the food ready to go. My eyes dilated when I saw the red wine marinated pork belly and chive pancakes. I immediately put the trotters on the stove to heat and began setting the table for what was sure to be a divine pork experience. We grilled the belly on her Korean bbq, put all the side dishes in their appropriate bowls and sat down to a three hour long lunch. I kid you not!! Somehow, amidst all the conversation, and all the dishes to be savored, we ended up eating our afternoon away. But oh, it was worth it. And you might think things would stop there. But they didn’t. We had ice cold watermelon and my go-to banana bread for dessert. I had to take a nap after all the exhausting work we did! …And then we went to Central Park to take more naps, and simultaneously came up with the idea that Red Mango’s frozen yogurt would be a perfect way to finish off a perfect day !


2 responses to “Labor Day Feast: Not Your Average BBQ

  1. I think it would be great if you gave the recipes to the dishes you feature in your blog. It would also be a great way to solicit comments from the people that try them — and a good way to start cataloging recipes. Free recipes could be a big draw to your site.

  2. Change the last line of my previous post to: “Interesting recipes could be a big draw to your site.” Also, you have to start driving internet traffic to your site. How? you ask. I should be able to answer that question in the near future… You guys are great!

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