Theme and Scheme

Seoyoung and Claire are aiming for the chantilly; we want to explore the crème-de-la-crème of food options. On our days off from work we are scouring small ethnic neighborhoods. And within the small neighborhoods, we are searching out alleys. Our aim is to find amazing food in unexpected places. Food that would make you think ‘fine dining!’…if only you weren’t eating with plastic forks, and maybe if the waitress spoke a bit more English. Not only will we show you where to discover these gems, but the adventure of finding the food will make the experience that much more exciting. And then, when we feel compelled to bring home our knives from work, we will show you a few of our own tricks that you can use to totally impress your friends.


One response to “Theme and Scheme

  1. Sounds like a fun way to share your passion with others. Wish they had blogs when I was a kid!

    Hearing about two gals munching pig parts is quite impressive. Great Start.

    I would love to see you girls tackle the revered West Indian roasted goat’s head (Not literally- although fooball season is starting soon:). I hear tell the eyes are proferred to guests as the best morsel! Who knows, you might want to keep the skull as some sort of blog totem.
    And you cant beat fresh roti bread with their curry!
    Bonne Chance.

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